Nasha is an accomplished shopkeeper and trader. She is rumored to be the mistress of Hans Grettleman (Olin’s father). In reality, Hans is deeply in love with his wife and has remained faithful to her. Hans is a senior member of the Daewin intelligence agency. Nasha is one of his most effective operatives and posing as Han’s mistress is a convenient cover story. Nasha was assigned to infiltrate the Guaajarene territory under the guise of being a trader. She was to copy or steal vital war information and if possible assassinate a low ranking commander of the Guajarene forces. (It turns out the commander is the eldest son of a high ranking Guaajarene family and his death would help to destabilize Guaajarah). Nasha was paired with Iscami (a Daewin scout) who was to guide Nasha behind enemy lines. Iscami led Nasha to Fort Mastiff where they were going to spend the night before infiltrating enemy lines. While there she was confronted by Olin Grettleman about her supposed affair with Hans. While they were arguing they were attacked by Guajarene forces and captured.



1) My mission is my primary goal, I will do whatever it takes to complete it.

2) I will protect Omin by any means necessary!

3) <player>


A) I will never break my cover.

B) I will use poison and subterfuge to eliminate enemies quietly whenever possible to avoid detection.

C) <player>


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