Owinian Scout


Iscami was born and raised in the rural farmlands and forests of the country of Owin. Her mother died during childbirth. Iscami’s father was a great hunter and woodsman and taught his daughter everything he knew. Iscami was conscripted into the Owinian army after the sneak attack by Gujaarah. She isn’t particularly fond of military life, but she also hates the Gujaarene. She was assigned to Nasha as a guide and protector. Iscami’s mission was to escort Nasha behind enemy lines, help Nasha complete her mission, and then make sure Nasha was able to return home. Iscami guided Nasha to Fort Mastiff where they were going to resupply and then head behind Gujaarene lines. During the night Gujaarene forces attacked the fort and took Iscami and Nasha prisoner along with Olin and Eoren.



1) The Gujaarene forces are evil and I must escape their clutches as quickly as possible.

2) Protecting nature and natural resources is important. I will protect the wilds to the best of my ability.

3) <will>


A) When in danger shoot first and ask questions later.

B) Always be on guard and expect the worst.

C) <will>


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